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About us

After my sister Gerlinde and I had two riding horses in a stable on the outskirts of Nuremberg from 1968 onwards, we and our parents founded the stud "Hamperhof" in 1971 on the edge of Franconian Switzerland, 30km north of Nuremberg. Back then, there was only natural mating, i.e. the mares had to be driven to the breeding station. The first stallion used was Nathusius v. Nardus xx of the Schwaiganger State Stud. In the same year we bought a mare from Tassilo at an auction, in foal to the Trakehner Maharadscha. So we complemented and selected mares from Sendbote, Adlerschild, Ducker, Romadour II, Abhang III, Ramiro Z, Lord, ...


In retrospect, the great progress only came through insemination. My sister acquired her qualification in 1989 at the University of Hanover. We introduced fresh insemination for the first time in Bavaria in cooperation with the St. Ludwig Stud. At that time we still had to pick up every portion in Nuremberg from the train station, mind you for 20 mares from stallions like Grosso Z, Norman, ... We expanded our offer over the next few years and worked together with stations like Böckmann, Pape, Vorwerk or Grönwohldhof. Donnerhall, 8 years old at that time, brought crucial progress in marketing. In the early 1990s we had up to 150 mares from all over southern Germany and even from Austria. Incidentally, we still had a stallion available for natural mating for the first years, for example the Bavarian Champion stallion Armani from Artwig or the second winner Frühwind from Frühlingsball. There was a lot of work to do, but breeding was flourishing.

In the meantime we also had excellent contacts with the well established breeding areas in northern Germany. So we moved to Lower Saxony in 1996 by buying a 24 hectare property in the central location of Vechta, Verden and Münster-Handorf. After extensive renovation work for 37 boxes and half a dozen pens, up to 15 mares were bred here.


The quality of our "products" prompted large stables to buy from us, including Paul Schockemöhle and the Pape family and we also sent horses to auctions. Of course, foreign countries such as Sweden, Finland, England, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Poland and the USA were also active customers.

Unfortunately, for health reasons of my sister, we had to give up our stud in 2015.

I am now breeding horses together with my wife on a smaller scale near Leipzig, see the chapters for broodmares and foals. I met Ines in 2013 when I bought a horse. After she is just as crazy about horses as I am, even if she was "only" a dressage rider at the time, I was able to convince her of the joys of breeding and foals. Since she was tied to a place and a long-distance relationship is nonsensical in the long run, I moved to the East - and I feel good here! So today we combine both, breeding and working with horses, even if the tournament sport unfortunately comes short up short for a while.


In addition to her work as a nurse, Ines also takes care of our youngsters so that they can learn the ABC of foals and of course the training of the young horses.

Dog and cat at home as well as our horses are our center of life and determine the rhythm. We look forward to going to the stable every day ... Of course not to forget our grandchildren Luca and Samu, the twins - what a joy! Unfortunately, there is hardly any time for our second hobby, photography, as we also enjoy working on a large garden with many flowers.

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