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June 2022


Nebraska R from Niagara - Rubin Royal - Donnerhall, born 06/06/2022

Nebraska R

from Niagara


out of Roija Anjana from Rubin Royal - Rohdiamant - Grundstein II

May 2022

Matteo R from Millennium - King Arthur - Donnerhall II, born 05/01/2022

Tiziano R from Toto Gold - San Remo - King Arthur - Donnerhall II, born 05/13/2022

Duncan R from Despacito - Bonifatius - King Arthur - Rubinstein, born 05/24/2022

from Millenium


out of Kingsette v. King Arthur – Donnerhall – Caletto II

Matteo R

from Toto Gold


out of Soubrette v. San Remo – King Arthur – Donnerhall

Tiziano R
Duncan R

from Despacito


out of Bonatella from Bonifatius / Belissimo M – King Arthur – Rubinstein

April 2022


High-bearing mares

Soubrette R from San Remo

Bonatella R from Bonifatius

Roija Anjana R from Rubin Royal

April 2022


Susette R (Sir Heinrich - King Arthur - Donnerhall II) in motion.

March 2022


Zinderella v. Zackerey, 3 years old, comes back from Radegast.

February 2022


Visit of the yearlings in Thuringia