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January 2024


Our pregnant mares:

Donnette R v. Dante Weltino – Sandro Hit – Caletto II – Sable Skinflint xx – Halibut

trgd. v.Shu Fu (Sezuan – Prince Heinrich – Weltmeyer),

Foaling date approx. mid-May

Bonatella R v. Bonifatius/Belissimo M – King Arthur – Rubinstein – Donnerwetter – King of Spades

trgd. v.Despacito (Don Nobless – Sandro Hit – De Niro),

Foaling date approx. end of May

Roija Anjana R v. Ruby Royal – Thunder Hall – Early Wind/Spring Ball – Hillside III

trgd. v.Prince Belissaro (Prince's Ball – Belissimo M - Daidalos)

Foaling date approx. end of May

Shu Fu                                                                                (click to enlarge)


Fürst Belissaro

December 2023


Indian summer from Indian Rock out of Scarlette from Sandro Hit – Caletto II wins the dressage horses A at his 1st start in a tournament, Score 8.2.